The Order Builder page is the main workspace for building any order: whether you're submitting a Replenishment order or Pre-Season order for B2B, creating an assortment, generating an order proposal, or producing a merchandising array, this is where you will start! 

This page will give you a general overview on how to Create an Order.

Keep in mind that once your order is placed, it will become 'locked' and no longer editable. Please contact your Dealer Sales & Service Reps or Sales Reps for any changes that need to be made.

How to Create an Order  

Go to the drop-down at the top of the main page 'Start Working' and select 'Place an Order':

From this page, you have two ordering options: Standard and Quick:


In general, Standard is used for Pre-Season orders, and may also be used for the following:

  • View a catalog
  • Build an Order
  • Create multiple shipments
  • Create whiteboards
  • Enter quantities
  • Review orders
  • Submit orders


Quick is used for Replenishment orders, and may also be used for the following:

  • Search for product
  • Enter quantities
  • Create multiple shipments
  • Reviews orders
  • Submit orders

  • Name - Your order name can be anything, including the default 'New Order', but we recommend giving each order a unique name. Your order can be renamed at any time before it is placed.
  • Customer (Reps Only) - Select a Customer from the dropdown list. It is important to note your customer can not be changed once you create an order. To use a different customer, you'll have to create a new order. If you feel like you are missing a customer from your dropdown, contact your brand or elastic support.
  • Catalog - Select a Catalog from the dropdown. Similar to customers, once you select your catalog, it cannot be changed. But you can always create a separate order with a different catalog. Often, catalogs are restricted by the selected customer. If you're not seeing a catalog that you think you should be seeing, it may be because the customer you've selected does not have access to that catalog.
  • Start Ship Date (sometimes called 'Request Date') - Select the date you would like your order to ship. Depending on the brand you're working with, a default date will already be selected which will allow you to see the most availability. This can be changed as you work on your order.

Select the kind of order you'll be placing, name your order, select the catalog you'll be ordering from, and assign it a ship date. Click the 'Create' button to open the Order Builder.

**NOTE – for QUICK orders only:

If you choose this order path, there is no top navigation once you get to the Order Builder. You will be dropped onto a single-step Order Builder page. Your next step will be 'Cart Overview,' followed by 'Proceed to Checkout.'

Main Pages within the Order Builder

When you open the order builder, you'll notice three main navigation buttons at the top of the page:

  • VIEW CATALOG – View the Line.
  • BUILD ORDER – Create an Order. This is where you will order specific quantities / sizes.
    • WHITEBOARD – An optional merchandising feature within the Build Order modal (only available for Standard orders.)
  • ENTER QUANTITIES – Enter the order quantities.
  • CART – View order overview / summary and complete checkout.

The Build Order Page

You will come to the Build Order page, where you will build your order. Here you can select units and quantities for your order, change your ship dates, and break your order into multiple shipments. To add a style/color to your order, simply hit the 'Add to Cart' button.

Select your Styles and Colors

Build your order at the color level: select the styles and colors you wish to include by dragging them from the Catalog Grid and dropping them into the Assortment. Utilize the Filters to choose from certain catalogs or product lines (see below for more information about Filters.)

Select a date for your Shipment

The date in the top-left corner of the cart is your requested ship date. Depending on the availability of the products you're selecting, you may need to change this date before submitting your order or select certain items in a different shipment. 

Create a 2nd shipment 

You can create multiple shipments by clicking on thebutton. This will create a separate shipment / PO that you can set to ship on a different day, or to a different location. You can toggle between different shipments by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.

Duplicating and Renaming your Shipment 

You can duplicate your order to ship on another date, or to another location (if available,) by selecting the shipment tab you want to duplicate, and then by clicking it again. This is a powerful tool that can be used to create many smaller shipments within one order or copy your order for future use (and save as a template.) Click HERE to learn how to easily copy your order and submit it to several different locations as at the same time.

This will open up a menu with 'Rename' / 'Duplicate' / 'Delete'.

Duplicating the shipment will create a new shipment called "YourShipmentName (Copy)".

You can rename the shipment by clicking on 'Rename' and keying in the desired name.

Enter Quantities 

Once you have built your order at the color level, you're ready to add quantities and check out. There are two ways to select quantities: click 'Enter Quantities' along the top navigation, or click the 'Cart' button in the top-right corner of the page. 

Click on the 'Enter Quantities' button in the top navigation. This will take you to a vertical list of all of the colors in each of your shipments. Click on the different shipment tabs to toggle between each shipment. 

Copy/Paste Size Run

If there is a certain size curve that you would like to apply to all products in your cart, there is a quick way to achieve this: simply click on 'Copy' to copy the quantities of a color, and then 'Paste' them to the color below.

1. Enter size run for the first product that you would like to repeat to other products.

2. Hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and select your keyboard down arrow.

3. That will apply the size run from the 1st product down to the 2nd product.


In the Build Order page, filters will be located in the bottom right corner of the page. There are several ways to filter products, using both General and Tag filters:



Tag filters are used to describe fabric technologies or product categories:

Another set of filters can be accessed on the View Catalog page: select the Filter icon in the bottom left corner of the page, and a set of filters will appear on the left side of the screen:

You can filter for products in several different ways, (which will be unique for every brand.) For example:

  • Using the 'Search Products' field (product name, style number, SKU, color code, etc.)
  • Category
  • Collection
  • Color
  • Gender
  • Type
  • Rating
  • Date Available
  • Active or Dropped


You will not be able to order more units than are available on a given request date. Each size has a colored tab with the current availability displayed. 99+ means there are 99 or more currently available. Inventory is updated immediately when a product is ordered.

Red - There are no units available on your current request date

Yellow - There are between twenty and one units available on your current request date.

Green - There are more than 20 units available on your current request date (green is sometimes used to indicate unlimited availability in pre-book catalogs.)

Check for Future Availability 

This is done by hovering over a product. Your selected Start Ship Date (SSD / today's date) will appear as well as any other dates where more products will be available to sell.

In the above example, you'll notice there is no SMALL size available for this particular Style/Color on the selected date (12/1/16). However, by looking at future availability, you can see that on 1/15/17, 8 SMALL sizes will be available. You can add the SMALL size by clicking on the 'Start Ship Date' dropdown at the top of the page and changing the request date to 1/15/17 or later. After this is done, you will be able to add quantities for the SMALL size in the quantities page (see below.)

An additional availability feature is a warning symbol:. If you see this symbol next to an item, this means that item is not available yet. Simply hover your cursor over the symbol for that particular item and you will see the date which it is available. 

Once you have everything you'd like to order in your cart, click the Cart button in the top right corner:

For more information about the Cart page, please click HERE.

Overview and Summary

While in your Cart, you'll see 'Overview' and 'Summary' in the top right corner of the page. 


The Overview page can be used to view the styles, colors, and quantities you're ordering across each shipment. You can make edits to your order by clicking on the pencil icon either next to a particular item, or next to a location tab at the top of the page.Summary

The Summary page can be used to gather data and statistics for the items on each order: the colors, genders, team descriptions, technologies, and order totals. You can rearrange the summary column tags to change the way your review table displays. For example, if you want to break your order down by gender, you can select gender from the summary column drop-down and drag the tag to the far left.


1. Apply Discounts

If your order is eligible for discounts, selecting the 'Apply Discounts' button will open the discounts modal.

2. Shipping Preferences

Request Date
You can view and edit your request date for each page in your order here. Keep in mind that changing this date may change the products / units you order! You can always view current / future availability by hovering over a product image in Quantities, Select, or Order.

Cancel Date

In the event of shipping delays, this is the last acceptable date your order can be shipped.

PO #
A text field where the user can specify a unique purchase order number. It can contain letters and numbers.

Ship Via
If applicable, select a Shipping method from the drop-down menu.

Copy Down/Copy to All
Utilize these features to duplicate the shipping address, request dates, and PO# to the pages below. Using this feature will not copy products or units from one order to another.

3. Submit Your Order

Clicking the 'Place Your Order' button on the bottom right corner of the page will send the order file directly to the back office/ERP system. If the systems are not yet integrated (depending on the brand you are working with,) you can download the order file and utilize this data, to input into back office/ERP system. 

To be eligible for submission, an order must have the following:

  1. A valid billing and shipping address
  2. A valid Request / Start Ship date
  3. A unique PO #
  4. At least one unit

Both the sales rep and the buyer will receive a confirmation email when an order has been placed through Elastic.

Keep in mind that once your order is placed, it will become 'locked' and no longer editable. Please contact your Dealer Sales & Service Reps or Sales Reps for any changes that need to be made.