What is a Whiteboard?

A Whiteboard is a visual representation of a product assortment. The whiteboard tool is used for visual merchandising, simple store layout planning, and presentation purposes. This is an optional feature within an order that will allow you to take an assortment from your cart and lay it out as desired. 

How do I create a Whiteboard?

To create a whiteboard, you'll need to create a new order or open an existing one. Once you've opened an order, follow the steps below to get started on your Whiteboard.

1. Create a new order or open an existing one.

2. Click on 'Build Order' in the top navigation.

3. Add the styles / colors to your cart that you'd like to work with.

4. Click on the 'Cart / Whiteboard' toggle button on the top right of the cart to expose the whiteboard builder.

5. Click to add, drag, and drop, or click the 'Copy Cart' button to add styles to your Whiteboard.

6. You can click on the 'Cart / Whiteboard' toggle button to go back to the cart and add more styles / colors.

Whiteboard Pages

Depending on the number of styles in your merchandising arrangement, your whiteboard may need to be broken out into multiple pages. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the redbutton in the top left corner of the screen to add a new whiteboard page. 

2. You will see the new page appear as a tab next to 'Page 1'. Click on the tab to view your new blank whiteboard page.

Clicking on a selected page again will allow you to Duplicate, Rename, or Delete that page:

Duplicating a page will copy everything on that page.
Deleting a page will completely remove that page from your whiteboard. 

Keyboard Shortcuts Within Whiteboard

Copy & Paste

With one or more whiteboard items selected, you can easily copy and paste them to a new whiteboard page or elsewhere on the page. COMMAND⌘ + C (CRTL+C in Windows) will copy your whiteboard items. COMMAND ⌘ + V (CRTL+V) will paste them near to the area where they were copied. 


With one or more whiteboard items selected, hitting the DELETE key on your keyboard will remove the selected items from the whiteboard.

Zoom Feature

Sometimes you may want to look at your entire whiteboard to view everything at once or to work with a large group of product images. At the very bottom of the whiteboard inspector, there is a slider that will allow you to zoom the whiteboard in or out while keeping your interface the same size. 

Zoom In – Focus on a specific area of the whiteboard page by moving the zoom slider to the right:

Zoom Out – See a larger area of the Whiteboard page by moving the zoom slider to the left: 

Exporting your Whiteboard to a PDF

When your whiteboard is complete, you can export your whiteboard to a PDF by selecting the 'Export PDF' button near the bottom of the inspector:

Please keep in mind that your whiteboard pages will print to PDF from left to right. The leftmost page will print first, and the rightmost page will print last. You can change the order the pages will print in by clicking on a page tab and dragging and dropping it to the desired position. In this example, the page called "First Page" will now print before "Page 1":

After you have generated a PDF, you will receive a prompt that your "Print Job has been added to the queue." 

Learn how to access and download your Print Jobs HERE.