A Custom Catalog is a user-created workbook that can be exported to a PDF and shared with anyone. This is a great way to create a collection of 'must haves' specific to a certain season, region, or a key account. Many reps use a custom catalog as a foundation to create orders for all of their accounts. Think of it as your own personal, carefully curated, workbook that is relevant to you and your buyers.

Create a Custom Catalog

To create a Custom Catalog, go to the widget in the Dashboard and click the 'New Custom Catalog' button in the top right corner:

This brings you to a page where you will create a new custom catalog:

You can give your custom catalog a name (this will make it easier to find later). A custom catalog is your own workbook of selected styles and colors from a base catalog. Select the base catalog you would like to work in and click 'Create'. This will open up the Custom Catalog Builder and you can start building your assortment.

Adding Styles

To add individual styles: Click on a style, or drag and drop it into the Assortment area in the top part of the page. 

To add individual colors: Click on the style name to view the colors individually. Click on the colors you want to add to your custom catalog.

To add all colors: Click on the style name to view the colors individually. Click on the "Add All" button in the top right corner of the box.

To add all styles: Click on the "Add Results To Custom Catalog" button in the top right corner of the catalog window.

From here, you can add covers, tabs, and other assets as needed:

Arranging Styles

The Custom Catalog will print in the order that you arrange it. 

To move a style or an asset: Click, drag, and drop it to the desired location.

To move a group of styles or assets: Hold the SHIFT key while clicking to select multiple items. Click, drag, and drop them to the desired location.

To Print your Custom Catalog:

When your Custom Catalog is ready, it can be printed to PDF format. You can always go back into the Custom Catalog Builder to edit your custom catalog even after you've printed it to PDF format. All PDFs generated in Elastic can be downloaded and shared via the 'Print Jobs' widget. 

1. Click on the menu in the top-right corner of the custom catalog builder, and select 'Print'.

2. Select a customer (this will determine the currency code / pricing of the printed PDF.)

3. Select a which prices you want to display (Wholesale / Retail / Both / None.) 

4. Click 'Print' when ready.

A confirmation will appear that says your 'Print Job is in the queue':

To access your PDF print job, select menu and then 'Print Jobs'. You will exit the custom catalog builder and enter the Print Jobs widget. Your custom catalog PDF will be under the 'Custom Catalogs' tab. Click on the green arrow button to the right and your custom catalog will begin downloading.

To share your Custom Catalog:

Often your printed PDF will be several MB in size (this is especially true with large catalogs / using many marketing assets,) and will be too large to attach to an email.

You can share your PDF without downloading or attaching it. To do this, go to the print jobs view and select the link button next to the completed catalog PDF you would like to share. This instantly creates a shareable download link that you can copy. 

Copy the link (ctrl+c or cmd+c) and paste (ctrl+v or cmd+v) into an email, text message, or chat client. The recipient can just click the link and download your custom catalog PDF.