The 'View Catalog Screen' page works well as a presentation tool for showing the line to the buyer. The user can quickly add products to the cart, both the style and the colorway level.

Filter for a Product

To enable the filter modal, select the 'Filter' button on the bottom left corner of the page. This action will make a set of filters appear on the left side of the screen. You can filter Use the filter menu to now filter products for example gender, color, or availability. The Keyword Search box can be used to further refine your search.

The filter sets are unique for each brand. Some examples are:

  • Using the 'Keyword Search' field (product name, style number, SKU, color code, etc.)
  • Category
  • Collection
  • Color
  • Gender
  • Rating
  • Date Available
  • Active or Dropped

Category filters

If the brand has enabled this feature, you will notice a row of filters across the bottom of the page. Each tab acts as a filter. You can select one to display only items from that particular section, or deselect to display all. 

View Page Types

In the bottom left corner of the page, you'll notice a group of three that give you options to view the catalog in different ways:


The '3up' view is the default option. This view balances well larger images and having more styles on a page.


The '1Up' view gives you the most detailed view of the product. You can navigate to this view by selecting the '1Up' navigation button, or clicking any individual products. To get back to the '3Up' catalog view, simply choose the button with four squares.

Product Detail Tabs



This tab will provide you an overview of the product features. It can also store useful, in-depth marketing material for the specific item.


The 'Technology/Details' tab contains product attributes, technology information and other details.


If the detail is highlighted in blue, you may select the link for more information. Alternatively, the 'Open' icon will open a pop up window with more product details. 

Here you will find current and future availability for the selected item.

Hover over the large hero image to get an even more detailed view of the selected style. 

Add to Cart and Add All Variations Buttons
You can add styles and colors directly to the cart:

        • Add To Cart will add individual colors one by one
        • Add All Variations will add all of the colors for the selected style


Catalog Product Slider 
When you hover over the thumbnails of the images, the images will scroll left, right, or stop, depending on where you are on the page. Selecting a thumbnail will display the product in the larger view. You can also click the ‘Hide Product Slider’ icon to hide the slider.


Notes & Catalog Revisions

This section provides a place to write your own notes about the products, and read the notes your rep/dealer has written.  This also houses any catalog revisions that have been made after publishing, as to give the users the most up-to-date product information possible. Notes is also a filtering option for the products.

View Alternates

In this pop-up, you can see alternate views of the product.