Orders Widget

All of your saved and submitted Orders can be viewed and opened within the Orders Widget. From the Dashboard, your six most recent orders will display within the widget and can be opened with one click.

Click 'View All' to be taken to the Orders page. Each order will have the Elastic Order #, Elastic Order Name, Catalog, PO number, State: draft, review, or final submission, Total Amount, Quantity, Last Saved Date and Last Updated By.

In this screen, you can also select Actions for your orders via the 3-dot menu icon in the 'Actions' column.

Open With (only available to reps) - Creates a copy of the order for a different customer. Can be used to easily make copies of a submitted order.

Duplicate Order - Duplicates the order and shares with additional users. These users can be reps or dealers, as long as they are associated with the existing user. This action will send the selected users an email and show the shared order available in the reps/dealers order widget.

Rename Order - Change the name of a draft order.

Download Order (as PDF) - Opens the order PDF module to create a PDF of the order.

Download Product Assets - Opens the product assets module. This module allows you to download different product assets provided by the brand. These can include detail images, large images, icons, alternate views, catalog assets, category assets, technology assets, videos, feature data and product data. 

Share with Dealer (only available to reps) - Allows a rep to share a draft order with the customer the order was tailored for. Sharing an order with a dealer will send them an email and show the order available in the dealer's order widget.

Delete Order - Allows the user to delete a draft order in the orders widget. Once an order is submitted it will be locked and can no longer be modified and deleted from Elastic.