Orders Widget

All of your saved and submitted Orders can be viewed and opened within the Orders Widget. From the Dashboard, your five most recent orders display within the widget and can be opened in one click.

Click 'View All' to be taken to the Orders page. You'll see which catalog was used to place the order, the total dollar amount of the order, and that state (status) of the order: Draft, Review, Final Submission.

In this screen, you can also Quick Dealer Share, View, Share, and/or Delete your order:

QUICK DEALER SHARE (only available to reps) - Shares order with dealer order was created with

OPEN WITH (only available to reps) - Creates a copy of order with new customer

DUPLICATE AND SHARE (only available to reps) - Shares order with multiple users, must share permissions


DELETE (only draft orders can be deleted) - Deletes order from user