1. You can export an Order to PDF two ways.  

a) From your 'Order List' select the Export PDF button on the far right of your orders.

b) From an open order, click on the Menu drop-down button in the top-right corner and select 'Export PDF'.

2. Either option will take you to this 'Export Options' window. Scroll down the window to see all selection options:

This will present a screen that allows you to select what layouts should be included in your order PDF. You can choose as many or as few of the below options as you'd like. The PDF that you generate this way can be downloaded from the Print Jobs page.

If provided by your brand, a branded front and back cover will be included in the PDF when selected. You can Export any order that you have created or placed using Elastic as a PDF. 

Catalog Layout

These options are for including a layout like the printed workbook or custom catalog. By selecting ‘Include’ you are requesting this layout. You can also choose the sequence for which these items layout (‘Sort’ in catalog order, or in the order of your cart.) You can also choose to have all of the colorways displayed for the styles in your order, or only the ones in your cart.  

Grid Layout

Selecting this option will include a grid layout of the styles in your order.

Table Layout 
Displays a spreadsheet style layout with rows for every colorway and columns that include units, sizes, and prices for each color in your order.

Availability - Adds in availability tables for all products in your cart, this will show current and future inventory.

Includes a summary section with shipments listed at the beginning and a page at the end of the output which shows your categories broken down by gender and category, showing total units, %, and price of the order.

Front Summary Page

Back Summary Page

Print Options 

Signature Page – Selecting this allows you to add a signature page to the output. This is generally done by the rep, as to get a formal sign-off on the order from the dealer, almost like a PO.
Price – Choose between showing Retail / Wholesale / Both / or New prices throughout.
Double Sided – This allows for the support of printing of a sheet of paper on both sides.
E-mail me when complete - You will receive an email notification when the PDF has been generated (this usually takes a few minutes, but can take longer depending on the amount of traffic and the size of your order.)
Paper Size – Offers options for A4 (for Europe) and Letter print sizes.

3. Click 'Export PDF' - a message will appear confirming the creation of your print job.

4. Go back to the menu and click 'Print Jobs'. You can also continue shopping and access your print jobs later through the 'Manage' menu.

5. Your print jobs view will open - select the 'Order' tab to view all of your generated order PDFs.


6. Click on the download button to the right to download the PDF to your desktop.