When your Whiteboard is completed, you can export it to a PDF by selecting the 'Export' button in the far right of the top action bar. A pop up with a 'Print Job Created' text will tell you your Whiteboard is being processed and that it has been added to the print queue. This function will print your pages from left to right. You can check the status, download, and share your Whiteboards from the Print Jobs section on the Dashboard.

Please keep in mind that your Whiteboard pages will print to PDF from left to right. The leftmost page will print first, and the rightmost page will print last. You can change the order the pages will print in by clicking on a page tab and dragging and dropping it to the desired position. In this example, the page called "First Page" will now print before "Page 1".

After you have generated a PDF, you will receive a prompt that your "Print Job has been added to the queue." 

Learn how to access and download your Print Jobs HERE.