The Order History page is a useful tool, that let's the users access their past orders, data provided to Elastic by customer's ERP business solution. You can also use the order history to create a reorder from an existing one.

How to View Order History
From the Manage dashboard menu, select Order History. You can also access your order history
from your Dashboard. 

Dealers vs Reps

When a dealer navigates to their old orders, they land directly to the Order History front page. Since reps have access to their own orders and their dealer orders, they are presented a pop up customer selection window. This window will allow the rep to select up to 25 customers to view at once. To choose a different customer, a rep can remove the selected customer from the current filters.

Dealer View

*Customer Names hidden for display purposes 

Rep View

*Customer Names hidden for display purposes 

*Customer Names hidden for display purposes 

The default view for the Order History page is 'Orders created within the past 2 weeks'. To view more or less results, you can change the date range and/or criteria by using the 'Select By' filter.

Select By Filter

  • Date Range: Elastic provides three date range filter presets; Past 2 Weeks, Past 6 Months and Past year. You can use the three dots button to change the date range to create a custom date filter.
  • Data Criteria: Select which data parameter your date range will filter.
    • By Ship Date: orders that have a valid ship date. However, some ERPs may only assign a ship date after an order has shipped, therefore certain orders may not display
    • By Order Date: date the order was created.
    • By Status Change: date of most recent status change. For example, this can mean orders awaiting shipping or orders that have been recently shipped or invoiced.

Custom Filter

The custom filter menu allows you to filter your order history with different parameters. You can add a filter and use a search term to define the data you're looking for. The search term will remain in use, until it's manually deleted by clicking the X next to the filter name. 

Group By and Edit Columns

The 'Edit Columns' menu is used to add more data to your search results. The list on the left shows your current selected data columns, list on the right shows the data sets that are available. Use the arrow buttons to move columns between the lists and rearrange the order of the columns.

Group by is used to group different data sets together in the Order History table.

Page View options

The Order History page defaults to 'Orders' page view. Elastic also offers options to view your orders by 'Product' or 'Orders by Status'. To navigate between your current and old selection, use the links above the date filters.

*Customer Names hidden for display purposes 


Navigating to 'Details' will bring up line by line product details within the selected order. 

*Customer Names hidden for display purposes 

Export XLSX

Export XLSX gives you the option to download order history or more detailed order data to your computer. The file will only contain data that is selected from the 'Edit Columns' menu. 

*Customer Names hidden for display purposes