Order History

Order History offers many different functionalities which allow you to see all order activity. In this screen, you can view ALL activity pertaining to a particular order (whether it be active or within the past 6 months for example): from ship-to locations, PO numbers, dollar amounts, or units on a specific order.

To View Order History

From the Order Status Widget on the Dashboard, select 'View All' or from the 'Get Started' dropdown select 'Order History': 

This will bring you into the Order History page. From here, click into an order using the 'Orders' button on the far right of the row:

This will give you all order history for the particular account you just selected.

If you click 'Details', you will see all product on that order:

Export CSV

You have the option to export a CSV file from any detail page. (*Note: the CSV will only contain the information on that given page.)

Custom Filters

Use your custom filters to find the orders you're looking for: set desired start ship date parameters, search by product name, or a specific PO number.


The default page view will be 'Accounts' (button in top right.) Select the 'Orders' button to view the queried list by order numbers, 

Select the 'Up' button at any time to revert back to the step you were previously:

Select 'Edit Columns' to add more column data you'd like to see in your list:

Pro Tip - Select the lines/rows and then 'Create a New Order' using those product numbers selected: