Order History

Order History provides all past order details, as provided to Elastic from the brand's ERP business solution:

To View Order History

There are two ways to open Order History:

1. 'Get Started' dropdown menu:2. 'View All' in Order History widget:

Dealers vs Reps?

Dealers land directly into their Order History page, whereas

Reps are presented a popup dealer selection window (select between 1-25 dealers)

*Customer Names hidden for display purposes 

Filter Your Results

Order History's default view is "Orders with Ship Date in Past 2 Weeks". 

Select By

To view more or less results, change the date range and data criteria using the "Select By" filter options:

  • Date Range: Filter results by a preset Date Range (Past 2 Weeks, Past 6 Months, Past Year), or click the "more options" button (3 dots, "et cetera", or "hamburger icon") to select a Custom Date Range ('Start Date' & 'End Date'). 
  • Data Criteria: Select which data parameter your date range will apply.
    • By Ship Date: orders that have a valid shipdate. (NOTE: some ERPs may only assign shipdate after an order has shipped, therefore orders may not display)
    • By Order Date: date that order was created.
    • By Status Change: date of most recent status change (awaiting_shipping, shipped, invoiced, etc)

Custom Filter

Use the clickdown menu to filter results by a specific order data parameter (ERP Order#, Location#, Product#, Product Name, PO#, etc). Enter search term and click 'Add Filter' (NOTE: search term will remain until manually deleted).

Edit Columns

Select to add more column data you'd like to see in your list:

Page View options

Order History default page view is 'Orders'. 

Other page view options available are 'Product' or 'Orders by Status'.


Select the 'Up' button at any time to revert back to previous results ("up" refers to the file directory structure).


Click 'Details' for a drill-down view of all products on the order (line by line).

Export CSV

You have the option to export a CSV file from any detail page. (*Note: the CSV will only contain the information on that given page. Select 'Edit Columns' to add/remove data)

Create Reorder

Easily reorder product from Order History by selecting the checkbox next to the desired product lines/rows and then 'Create a New Order' using those product numbers selected: