Whether you are a rep, merchandiser, or sales leadership, creating Collections can be a powerful way to create suggested buys or highlight certain products in a catalog.  So being able to share with your dealers or other reps using these Collections is a great way to get them the information they need to make the right decisions for their territories.

Share a Collection

To Share a Collection with someone who uses Elastic either, open the Collection you'd like to share, click the Menu drop-down in the top right corner of the screen and select Share or from your Collections widget on the desktop open all of them and you will have a the Share option to the right of your Catalogs.

The 'Share with User' screen will open.

There are three types of users/accounts you can share with and can be changed using the tabs in the modal:

  • Rep - This list will include any reps that you share a rep group with. Filtering by account you can share with all reps under that account.
  • Marketing - This list will include any internal customers that were created (via elastic admin) and also share a rep group with you. Filtering by account you can share with all users under that marketing account.
  • Dealer - This will include any dealer users that have been created under the accounts your repID is assigned to. Filtering by account you can share with all users registered with that account number.

Select who you'd like the share the catalog with and click 'Continue' .You will receive a confirmation on the screen that your catalog has been shared.

And the linklogo will appear next to the catalog in the 'Collection' widget on your dashboard:

Depending on the users/accounts you selected in the Share with Users screen they will receive a notification email detailing that a Collection has been shared and is available on the site.