On the Standard - Build Order screen and the Checkout Overview screen you can easily drag and drop items between shipments, to quickly move or separate your orders. Shipments can also be duplicated on several screens, for information on how to do this click HERE.

Standard - Build Order

Products can be dragged and dropped between shipments on the build order screen. If you have an item in 'Shipment 1' and want to move it to 'Shipment 2' instead of removing the item and adding it back on the correct shipment, dragging the product to the 'Shipment 2' tab will remove it from 'Shipment 1' and you will see it now in 'Shipment 2'. You will see a Green text box with 'Cart Item' for acceptable places to drop.

Checkout - Overview Page

Quantities can be dragged and dropped between shipments in the Overview screen during the checkout process.

In this example you will see that this order was built with all the quantities showing in shipment 1. Maybe you need all these items but do not need them shipped until a later date. Instead of updating the amount in each shipment you can drag your amounts into any of the other columns to move them to a new shipment. Your shipment totals will update with your changes. 

You can see below by dragging and dropping we were able to move the units to new shipments. While dragging you will notice green highlights delegating an accepted space to drop the units and a grey highlight showing where the unit was initially dragged from.

Use Case #1: A user has a multiple shipment order and they want to move products from one date to another date.

Use Case #2: A user what to move the products around to hit a specific amount per month. From a cash flow perspective they only want 5k worth of product per month as an example.