The 'Dashboard Product Search' in the top of the dashboard is a powerful feature that allows you to quickly search through all your available catalogs for products. This is a great way to find what catalog an item is in, check features, styles, availability of a product, and even start a quick re-order.

Simply type into the search box by name, product #, UPC, color, type, etc. This will return any products matching this term across all live catalogs. You will see any default filters that are applied when searching and these can be removed individually or you can clear all by using the Reset Filters button. If logged in as a Rep account you have the option of selecting a customer, this will use their permissions to filter the results. By default the filter 'Available' will filter any products that are available on today's date and beyond, removing or changing this filter to your desired date will affect the products displayed.

You can create an order by adding your quantities, an order can only be created from one catalog at a time. You will see the totals update with your added product. Once you want to proceed to checkout and place your order either scroll to the bottom or click to the side of the products to display the 'Proceed to Cart' button.