To create a whiteboard, you'll need to create a new order or open an existing one. Once you've opened an order, follow the steps below to get started on your Whiteboard.

1. Create a new order (standard) or open an existing one.

2. Click on 'Build Order' in the top navigation.

3. Add the styles/colors to your cart that you'd like to work with.

4. Click on the 'Cart / Whiteboard' toggle button on the top right of the cart to expose the whiteboard builder or select from Menu -> Whiteboard.

5. Updated: Use the dropdown to select products to add from All products or from one of your deliveries. You can click or drag specific products, use filters to narrow down your selections, and use Add all products to add all products showing in the left pane.

Legacy:Click to add, drag, and drop, or click the 'Copy Cart' button to add styles to your Whiteboard.



6. Updated: You can click on the 'Back' in the top left corner.  

Legacy: Select the 'Cart / Whiteboard' toggle button to go back to the cart and add more styles / colors.

Are you using the New Whiteboard (release 2021.16)? 

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