While the Standard Order is a great tool for learning more about the products, exploring a catalog or creating a Whiteboard, the Quick Order workflow allows you to easily add quantities to your order. Elastic Suite allows you to switch back and forth between the two order modes to create a seamless order experience. You can easily switch between these two modes by accessing the 'Menu' and selecting the Standard Order/Quick Order option. 

Once in the Quick Order path, you will be brought to a single-step Order Builder page. Here, you will not see the top navigation like you would in the Standard Order path. Simply add your quantities to the cart and click 'Proceed to Checkout.'

Just like in Standard Order, you will find various filters that can be used to limit the results within the catalog. The search bar can be utilized to search by any attribute of the item including UPC, style name, and color. The bottom of the page will have additional filters to further refine your search, such as 'Ratingand 'Has Notes'.

You can add additional shipments from the shipment tab at the top of the screen by selecting the '+' button. If you click the three dots option in the shipment tab, a menu with options to 'Rename', 'Duplicate', 'Clear Quantities', and 'Delete' will appear. You can also change the ship date for each shipment from the calendar under the shipment tab.

The results of your current search and filters will appear below the shipment tabs. You can easily add quantities per size by entering a number in the corresponding box. The colors in the boxes indicate the inventory levels of the product. Green indicates a large amount of stock, yellow means the inventory is getting low, and red means there is no current inventory available.

Hovering over the product image will reveal an additional magnifying glass icon. If you click the small picture, a larger image will appear in a pop up window. The 'More Details' option will reveal you a full summary page of the item, including overview, technology and current availability of the product. The 'Available As Of' gives you the possible future availability of the product.

Once you have entered the quantities you want, select the 'Cart' button to move to the Overview/Summary screen. Here you can double check and change your order.