The 'View a Catalog' screen can be accessed through a couple different ways. You can select a specific catalog from the 'View a Catalog Select' screen. From the dashboard can also select a catalog from the 'View Catalogs' widget or the dashboard search.

Two of the main uses for this screen are to quickly look up items information without having to create an order and check stock availability.

When you first enter the screen you will be in a 3-up view this can be changed using the different view buttons in the bottom left, highlighted in green. For more information on each view type click HERE. 

There are a couple of different ways you can filter your results on this page. The first is using the categories, highlighted in blue, these categories are set by the brand and make for a quick way to get to a certain category. The second way to filter your results are to select the filter button in the bottom right, highlighted in red, this will bring up a comprehensive filter panel.

Filter Panel

After selecting the filter button you will see the filter panel, this panel allows you to filter your catalog so that you can easily find what you are looking for. The panel includes a search which can be used to search any information in a product this includes UPC, name, color, etc. Below you will see several different category features, these may change on which brand you are using and how they categorize there items. They can also drop down with sub categories and have check boxes so you can filter by several different tags at once.

The ratings filter allows for items you have rated to show, ratings are set in an items 1-up overview and are user specific. For more information on ratings click HERE.

The 'Has Notes' checkbox will filter your results to show items that you have made notes on in the items 1-up overview and are user specific. For more information about notes click HERE.

The 'Available' calendar selection box allows you to filter your results to only show items that will be available on a specific date.

The 'Custom Catalog' filter allows you to filter your results by any custom catalog you have created or had shared with in the catalog you are in. For more information about creating custom catalogs click HERE.

The 'Active Products' filter allows you to filter your results by items that are active to be sold and items that have been dropped and have no availability.