By using Elastic’s ‘Download To Desktop’ feature, you can easily save and distribute orders and whiteboards.  For example, If merchandisers and/or product teams want to create assortments and share them with the sales team, this can be a very useful pathway. The feature is also a great way to save or backup an order. When you have an order opened, It is accessible through the Menu.

Clicking the Download To Desktop menu option, will download an .ELS file from Elastic, that can only be opened in the Elastic software. Not only does this create a backup of your order but will also include any whiteboards created. Below are the steps to create this file and how to upload it back into the software.

STEP ONE: Creating .ELS File

  1. Create or open an order, can include quantities and whiteboards
  2. Select Menu in the top right and select the 'Download to Desktop' option
  3. This will open a Save to dialog box where you can select where to save the file. Depending on your browser, you may need to specify a file location. After that has been selected, your download will begin.

STEP TWO: Opening .ELS File

  1.  From the Dashboard select 'View All' from the Orders Widget
  2.  Select the far right 'Open From Desktop' tab
  3.  Select the 'Browse' button that appears and select an .ELS file from where it is stored. Reps will have the option to select a customer to associate the order with, or can leave at default if the rep has access to the user the file was downloaded with.
  4. The Elastic software will process the file then open in a new order.

*Additional Notes

  • If order is shared with another user they must have the catalog permissions the order was created in to open the order. If styles have product permissions the user does not have it will drop these styles.
  • Retains style, quantities, and whiteboard from order saved.
  • If inventory has changed from original order, a pop up will show you the new inventory levels.
  • Will save the order before downloading.