Quantity Entry is a feature that allows for quantities to be entered from a graphed window that shows availability for a style and each colorway for that style. It also includes your shipments organized by there shipping date, so that you can plot out shipments by when the styles will be available. This can be accessed in the 'Standard Order' entry method from the 'View Catalog' screen and the 'Enter Quantities' screen.

In the View Catalog Screen selecting the 'Enter Quantities' link on an item will bring up the Quantity Entry for that style.

In the 'Enter Quantities Screen' changing from By Shipment to All Products using the slider on the right will also bring up Quantity Entry with all the products previously entered into your cart.

Each color for the style will be displayed as you scroll down the screen.

'Today' displays the availability of the item today.

'Shipment 1' displays my first shipment tab, the shipping date I chose and, fields to put quantities in.
'5/27/2023' Line displays a future availability that will be added on 5/27/2023.

'5/31/2023' Line displays a second shipment tab that was created, the shipping date, and fields to put quantities in. Which now has more availability.

'TOTAL' displays totals for quantities entered.