Making a Payment

To make a payment, simply click 'Make Payment' at the top of the page, or click the 'Make Payment' button:

You will come to the payment page, with a list of your invoices and transactions. Select your payment method (Credit Card or Bank Account), select the invoice to pay, and enter the amount you'll be paying. When finished, click continue:

You will then come to the Payment Details page:

To enter new payment information, select 'Add Payment Method' and select either Credit Card or Bank Account. This choice can also be made in the next modal:

Click 'Continue' to proceed to the Submit Payment page:

Once ready, click 'Submit Payment' to proceed. You can Print or Email your receipt, or return to the Dashboard:

On the Dashboard, you will now see your latest transaction receipt listed:

Pro Tip: You can break up your payments into separate transactions, should you choose to pay with multiple credit cards or a CC and your bank account. However, each payment will need to be done in individual payment transactions.

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