Hello! In this video we’ll see how to register  your user profile in Elastic.  This is required to log in.

There are a couple different methods which brand’s may opt to bring users on to Elastic. 

If you’ve recently received an email from your brand partner, it will contain a link to get set up.

In this instance it means your user profile has been previously set up.

From using the link, you may be required to create a password to login.

In other cases, the person who pre registered you, will provide a placeholder password for you to sign in initially. You should expect them to send you communication about what that placeholder is, and once you’re logged in, you’ll want to change your password via your Account Settings, on the elastic dashboard

Opposed to sending out a link, some brands may opt for a self registration process. 

In this case, a contact at the brand should inform you of your account number, access key, and B2B site url. From the main login page, you will need to find the register page. Entering your account number and access key will allow you to fill out a form, creating your user profile. 

If you have not been provided with any access key, e-mailed link, or you’re a retailer wanting to set up a new account, you will want to contact either your sales rep or brand’s B2B administrator directly. 

If you run into any issues with these processes, or do not have any contact information at the brand, reach out to Elastic support for further assistance.