Welcome to Elastic

Let’s learn about the Dashboard

The dashboard is the first page you will see after logging into Elastic.

The dashboard delivers brand messaging, gives you access to brand catalogs and is your control panel for the Elastic platform.  

(Dashboard layout may vary slightly from brand to brand)

You can access all platform functions from either the get started menu or your widgets.  

Let’s take a look at the GET STARTED menu on the top of your screen

Here you will see a full list of all available functions and shortcuts.

Simply decide on the action you want to take and click

  • You have choices like “I want to Place an Order”

  • Or Show me my orders.

  • You can also find helpful settings and informational links

Now, let’s take a look at the widgets.  This is another access point for key functions.  The widgets live on the lower portion of your dashboard.  These little windows display a few of the most recently created or edited items of a key function.  For example, the Order widget shows me my most recently created list of orders.


To see a full list of orders, or to open any widget, click the “View All” button.  Now you can see a full list of all orders that have been created for your account and you can manage those orders from this space.

You can return back to the dashboard at any time by clicking “back to dashboard”.

Let’s head back there to quickly highlight some other key functions to get you started.

Let’s imagine you have logged into Elastic to shop a catalog and create a new order.  You have 2 options.  You can select “place an order” from the get started menu.  Or, you can click on the “new” button from your order widget.  These 2 pathways take you to the same place, the catalog selection screen.

(Text on slide:  Watch our Standard Order or Quick Order Video in your new user toolkit to learn more about order creation)

Some other key functions available in Elastic include accessing your order history, downloading your print jobs, or making a custom catalog.  Again, these functions can be accessed from either the get started menu or your widgets. 

Another option on the dashboard is our quick “Search & Order Products” function.  This function allows you to quickly search across all available catalogs for a specific product.  It’s as easy as entering a keyword - like a style name or number.

Let’s imagine you need to place a quick re-order for a product, but you’re not sure what catalog that product lives in. Searching from the dashboard is a great way to quickly find that product, check available inventory, and get a new order started. 

(Text on slide:  This feature is not advised for more complex orders with multiple products or multiple ship dates.  Watch our Standard Order or Quick Order Video in your new user toolkit to learn more.)

Elastic offers flexible and efficient choices to navigate the platform and support YOUR preferred work flow.

(Text on slide:  Get Started menu, the Widgets, or the Quick Product Search visual)

For more help getting started with Elastic visit our support site.