If as a dealer on a site you submit your order and see that it is under review. The catalog might be setup to require a rep for that dealer to review orders and either Place Order or Reject them to be submitted. 

Dealer Submission

Upon submission you will see the following message below and will receive an order confirmation with your order details and again letting you know it needs to be approved by your rep before it is submitted:

Your order will be locked once submitted for review, your rep can make changes to the order or Reject the review which will put it back into draft allowing for edits to be made.

Rep Review

As a rep once a dealer submits an order that is in review, you will receive an email detailing this with the order details.

Logging into the Elastic site this order was placed on you can find any orders in review in the Pending Orders section of the site. This can be found from the dashboard by clicking Manage -> Orders and select the Pending Orders tab.

Opening the order you can review the order, make any changes and proceed to the final checkout screen. In the final checkout screen you will have the option to Reject the order, putting it back into draft allowing the dealer to then make changes again before submitting. Or Place Order can be selected thus submitting the order.

When submitted this will then send out order confirmations, depending on your confirmation email settings.