Elastic release 2022.8 brings with it an all-new Elastic Campaign Feature. The new campaign feature is intended to elevate the communication between your internal team and your reps and buyers with compelling visuals and focused objective.

If you have campaigns enabled, you can access them by selecting 'Manage' and 'Campaigns'. 

How to Create a Campaign Tutorial Video

 Highlight of the Campaign Feature:  

  • Select Recipients  

  • Select recipients from a list of users or from groups of users that you have built  

  • Select Products  

  • Select your product source from existing catalogs, pre-built custom catalogs, or pre-built orders  

  • The recipient can click on the “shop now” button in email and it will navigate them to those products  

  • Design Email  

  • Start from a predefined template  

  • Add products to email 

  • Add marketing assets  

  • Drag & drop additional design elements  

  • Edit and format text  

  • Customize “shop now” button to be brand specific  

  • Send Email  

  • Chose campaign expiration date  

  • Email sent from the creator’s email address  

  • Option to send ‘Test Email’  

  • Track Metrics  

  • Summary level metrics across the campaign  

  • Detailed metrics for each recipient  

  • See order amounts generated per recipient and across the entire campaign