Create Reorder

Elastic provides the option to use Order History data to recreate an older order. If the user wants to place an order for the same products they've previously ordered, this is an easy and convenient way to reorder.

The reorder feature is best utilized in Quick Order Mode for a fast, easy, and efficient process.

How to Create a Reorder

1. From the dashboard navigate to Manage -> Order History.

2. Click 'Details' next to the order you wish to reorder from.

*Customer Names hidden for display purposes 

3. Select the checkbox next to the product(s) you wish to add to your reorder and click 'Create New Order'.

4. After clicking the 'Create a New Order' button, you are able to choose a customer you want to place the order for, and a catalog you wish to use.

5. In the case that the product(s) have been removed from the catalog or are no longer available, you will be taken to this screen that notifies you of the specific product(s) and quantities that have been removed from your order. You can now click 'Next' in the bottom right of this screen to proceed with your order.

6. You are now at the Build Order screen where you can add shipments by selecting the plus next to your most recent shipment tab, clicking on a shipment tab name will open several options for that shipment, these include 'Rename', 'Duplicate', 'Clear Quantities', and 'Delete'. Below your shipment tab you can change your 'Start Ship Date' for each shipment and select how your results are filtered.

7. The next step in the order process is click Enter Quantities. This is where quantities can be added or edited by entering your amounts into the boxes. The boxes will display the inventory levels of each product/style, green indicating a large amount of stock, yellow indicating low levels of stock, and red indicating no stock.

Hovering over an items picture will give you additional the magnifying glass option which will give you an enlarged look at the picture of the item.  The More Details will open up a full summary page of the item with overview, technology, and availability of the item. The Available as of.. link will give you a table with additional information on availability for the product.

8. Once all your quantities have been entered selecting the 'Cart' button in the top right will bring you to the Overview/Summary screen where your quantities can be double checked and changed.

9. Once you are ready to place your order, click 'Proceed to Checkout' in the bottom right of the screen. You will be taken to the Checkout page where you will enter your PO number and choose your shipping address. When ready, click 'Place Order' in the bottom right of the Checkout screen. Then click 'Submit' when you are ready to confirm and finalize your order. This will place your or in Final Submission status.