Elastic Suite Campaigns offers you a powerful marketing and strategic sales tool, managed directly from the Elastic platform. It utilizes easy drag and drop design tools using your existing catalogs and assets, while allowing you to upload additional marketing material to create an attractive marketing email. 

If you have Campaigns enabled, you can access them by selecting the 'Manage' menu and clicking 'Campaigns'. This will bring up your Campaigns builder. The builder page will show all the campaigns you've created, and let's you access individual campaign details. You can choose to 'View' or 'Duplicate' on going campaigns, or 'Edit' or 'Delete' the ones that are in the 'Draft' status by clicking the three dots menu on the right. 

Selecting the 'View' option for an on going campaign will bring up a detailed view of the campaign performance. It will list the reach of the campaign, conversion rate, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and the purchased amount. You can also see these details per recipient. 

 Creating a New Campaign

1. Click the 'Create New Campaign Button'.

2. Give your campaign a name and select 'Begin'. If you wish to save your campaign as a draft, click the 'Finish Later' button. 

3. Fill out the fields for the campaign sender 'Name' and 'Reply to Address'. These should be something your campaign recipients will instantly recognize to avoid your email being reported as spam. 

4. Add your campaign recipients. If you created a campaign group earlier, you can add the whole group at once instead of individual recipients. 

5. Add the subject to your campaign. This is what the receiver will see on the email subject line. 

6. Choose your featured products. You can showcase an existing order, a Collection or an entire catalog. You also have the options to move away from the campaigns page and create a new order or a Collection to use as your campaign base. 

6. Design your campaign email.

7. Add the end date to your campaign. 

8. Once you're ready, you can either send a test email to a selected email address, save the campaign by clicking the 'Finish Later' button or select the 'Send Now' option to send out the campaign immediately.