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Release 2024.8

Add a Close/Cancel Option on Order Type Popup Window
Users can now cancel out of the Order Type popup window when making an error choosing a catalog. Previously, the user had to enter the catalog they acci...
Fri, 19 Apr, 2024 at 11:06 AM
Campaign Template Design - Unlock Black Bar for Editing
The black bar at the top of the Campaign design template is now editable. You can delete the bar, change it’s color, resize, and more.
Fri, 19 Apr, 2024 at 11:07 AM
Change the Order of Columns on the Order Confirmation PDF
If the columns below are enabled by client settings/feature flags and selected to print on the Order PDF, they will now show in the following order: Ret...
Fri, 19 Apr, 2024 at 11:07 AM