You can copy your order for multiple locations, or for multiple shipment dates, in just a few clicks using Elastic. You'll start by creating an assortment on the Build Order view and then copy that assortment for any number of locations or ship dates you need.

1. In the Build Order view, create an assortment by adding the styles and colors you would like to have broken into multiple shipments.

2. Click the 'Shipment 1' tab menu button.

3. A menu will appear that has 'Rename / Duplicate / Clear Quantities  / Delete / Scale Quantities ' as options.

4. Select 'Duplicate'.

5. This will create an exact copy of your order in a new tab. You can modify the copy however you'd like by adding/subtracting additional colors and quantities or you can choose to leave the copy as is. 

6. Click on the tabs again to Rename each tab ('Shipment 1', 'Shipment 2', 'October Buy', or 'November', etc.).

7. Select a date from the 'Start Ship Date' calendar for each shipment of your order. 

8. To add quantities to each Shipment, click on the 'Enter Quantities' button in the top navigation, or the 'Cart' button.

9. Select the shipment that you want to add quantities to by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

10. Quantities can be added by placing your cursor on the left of the size field and using the arrow keys or number keys to select your amount. You can also click 'Enter Quantities' along the top navigation, or click the 'Cart' button in the top-right corner of the page. 

11. To copy a size run to another shipment, click the copy button. Then click on the shipment you'd like to copy that size run to, and click paste.

12. From the Cart, select 'Overview' in the top right corner of the screen to see what you're ordering for each of your shipments.

13. When you're ready to place your order, go to the 'Proceed to Checkout' page and do the following:

A. Add the shipping addresses to each shipment - these can be different if you're shipping to multiple locations.

B. Double check the request dates for each shipment.

C. Enter a unique PO# for each shipment.

14. You can use the 'Copy Next' or 'Copy All' buttons to copy the shipping address and request date info to the next shipment (this does not copy the contents of the shipment - just the shipping info).

15. Click 'Place Order' when all of the required fields are filled. A confirmation window will appear before your order is actually placed.