After logging into Elastic, the Dashboard can be accessed by clicking 'Manage' and clicking 'Dashboard'.

You can scroll down you can use the many "widgets" that are integrated into the dashboard. These widgets can include: Notifications, Orders, Catalogs, Collections, Print Jobs, Order History, Pending Orders and Links. These '"widgets" allow at a quick glance the most recent information from the brand, activity on your user account, and shortcuts back into several functions.

Notifications Widget

Keep an eye out for notifications from your brand that will appear at the top of the Dashboard. These updates might include things like order deadlines, product releases, and sales meeting info.

Orders Widget

All of your saved and submitted Orders can be viewed and opened within the Orders Widget. From the Dashboard, your five most recent orders display within the widget and can be opened in one click HERE

Catalogs Widget

With the 'Catalogs' widget you will be able to view and open all of the catalogs you currently have access to from the dashboard. To learn more about the 'Catalogs' widget, click HERE.

Collections Widget

The Collections widget is where you will find user-created workbooks that can be exported to a PDF and shared with anyone. Collections are a great way to create an assortment of 'must haves' specific to a certain season, region, or a key account. Many reps use a collection as a foundation to create orders for all of their accounts. Think of it as your own personal, carefully curated, workbook that is relevant to you and your buyers. To learn more about the 'Collections' widget, click HERE.

To learn more about Collections, click HERE.

Print Jobs Widget

When you create a PDF output for a Collection, Order, or Whiteboard, a print job is initiated on the server and runs in the background. You can see your queued, running, and completed PDFs in the 'Print Jobs' widget, and can download your PDF in one click by simply clicking on the name in the Dashboard. To learn more about the 'Print Jobs' widget click HERE.

To learn more about how to Print an Order, click HERE.

Order History Widget

The Order History widget is a view of the your past orders, data provided to Elastic by customer's ERP business solution. You can also use the order history to create a reorder from an existing one. To learn more about the 'Order Status' widget click HERE.

Links Widget

This widget is home to links provided by the brand. These may include marketing asset videos, sales collateral, and/or clinic tools.