Open With (Reps)

If you are a rep on the site you can open copies of orders as a new customer. This allows you to any order and then copy it to your other customers as a draft order quickly. To do this open the orders widget from either the Start Working dropdown - > Show Me My -> Orders or by selecting View All from the orders widget.

On this screen you will see a list of all your orders, simply selecting the Open With button to the right of the order you want to copy and selecting the customer will open a copy of the order. You can save it once in the order and will then see the copy back in your orders widget upon returning.

Save As (Dealers/Reps)

Both reps and dealers can duplicate submitted or draft orders by using the 'Save As' menu option from the order you want to duplicate. To do this, 

1. Open the order you want to copy. 

2. Click on the Menu Button in the top-right corner

3. Select 'Save As' from the dropdown

4. You will be able to give your draft order copy a new name.

You can access your new copy of the order under 'My Orders' in the Orders Widget. Copying a submitted order will create a draft (unsubmitted) copy.