The recommended workflow for Standard Orders is to build your entire order at the color level, then to add individual quantities at the size level. To learn how to add styles and quantities at the same time, check out the 'Build Quick Order Flow' solution. Select any of the links for complete instructions on these screens/functions.

In general, Standard is used for Pre-Season orders, and may also be used for the following:

  • Explore a Catalog
  • Build an Order
  • Create multiple shipments
  • Create whiteboards
  • Enter quantities
  • Review orders
  • Submit orders

  1. Dashboard - Select 'Shop Now' or 'Manage' -> 'Orders' -> 'Create New Order'.

  2. Create New Order Screen - Select a catalog, give your order a name, an select an order type.

  3. Build Order Screen - Filter (additional filters in 'View Catalog' tab) and select products to add to shipment, select 'Enter Quantities' tab.

  4. Quantities Screen Enter in quantities into products selected, select 'Cart' button in the top right.

  5. Overview / Summary Screen - Select 'Proceed to Checkout' button in bottom right.

  6. Checkout Screen Select 'Shipping Address', enter in unique PO number, select 'Place Your Order' in bottom right.

Keep in mind that once your order is placed, it will become 'locked' and is no longer editable. Please contact your Dealer Sales & Service Reps or Sales Reps for any changes that need to be made.