In Elastic Suite, 'Download Product Assets' is a powerful function. It allows you to create a media pack straight from your order. You are able to select from all the relevant asset data. The assets will be downloaded to your computer as a zip file. This relevant data includes: all product images, catalog assets, relevant category assets, product videos, technology assets, features data, and products data.

**NOTE** Only styles in your order will be included in the media pack. If you want assets for the entire catalog, you will need to add all items to your order. 

To Create a Media Pack

1. Click 'View All' in the Order Widget.

2. Select the order you want to download the assets from. The status of the order doesn't matter, as long as you have products in the cart. Click the three dots icon under 'Actions' and select 'Download Product Assets'.

3. This will open a pop up window, where you can select from the different media types. However, not every media type is available for each product, but Elastic Suite will download the ones available. Once you have selected all the desired assets, click the 'Download' button.

4. Selecting 'Download' will start the process. Elastic Suite will first save the assets in a zip file. If your order is large or you have a lot of assets included, this process can take a while. After the zip file has been created, it will download to your computer.

**NOTE** If you are using an ad blocker, it's possible you'll have to temporarily disable it to be able to download the assets package.