It allows the user to find all relevant asset data from a given order and package them into a zip file, which will then be download to the user's computer. This relevant data includes: all product images, catalog assets, relevant category assets, product videos, technology assets, features data, and products data.

**NOTE** Only styles included in your order will be included in the media pack. If you want the entire catalog you will need to add all items to your order.

To Create a Media Pack

1. Click 'View All' in the Order Widget

2. Select order you want to extract all media assets included in the order for and click the 'Media Pack'  icon on the order info bar :

3. A box will appear and you can select the different media types you want to download. Not every media type is available for each item. Once selected click the 'Okay' button.

4. This will start the media download look for a save dialogue box or download progress on your browser. It will be in a .zip format.