The Explore page is the first screen you will come to after logging into Elastic. It is the central hub you will come back to, to access the different features on the site. To begin you can select the 'Manage' drop-down for a full list of available actions or as you scroll down you can use any of the functions that are integrated into the Explore page. These can include: Call To Action Links on the Marquee, Announcements, Collections List, Catalogs and Links. 

For more information on the 'Manage' drop down widgets, click HERE.

Explore Search

The 'Explore Search' in the top left of the Explore page is a powerful feature that allows you to quickly search through all your available catalogs for items. This is a great way to find what catalog an item is in, check features, styles, and availability of an item. For more information on Explore Search click HERE.

Call to Action Links

The brand may choose to use the 'Call to Action' button which will be shown in a white bubble in the corner of the marquee image or video. Links here can be to another page or catalog in Elastic or to a webpage outside of Elastic.

Announcements Bar

Keep an eye out for announcements from your brand that will appear below the Marquee on the Explore page, updates might include things like order deadlines, product releases, and sales meeting info.


Collections List

The Collections list is where you will find user-created workbooks that you have created or have shared with an account. On this screen, the three most recent Collections will display and all can be seen through "Shop All Collections". You can preview the first view items using the arrows that appear when scrolling over a collection and click on it to shop that assortment.

Collections are a great way to create a collection of 'must haves' specific to a certain season, region, or a key account. Many reps use a collection as a foundation to create orders for all of their accounts. Think of it as your own personal, carefully curated, workbook that is relevant to you and your buyers. To learn more about the 'Collections' widget, click HERE.

To learn more about creating a Collection, click HERE.

Catalogs List

With the Catalogs List you will be able to view and open all of the catalogs you currently have access to from the Explore page.


Any links that the brand has provided will be found here. These can have images associated with them or be a list of hyperlinks.

User Menu

In the top-right corner of the screen, click on your username and a Settings drop-down will appear. Here you can adjust your 'Preferences', 'Account Settings', access the support site and 'Log Out'.

To learn more about 'Preferences', click HERE.

To learn more about ' Account Settings' click HERE.